Jack's birthday

4:31:00 PM

*I wrote this at the end of August, but somehow, I forgot to publish it.

August is nearing it's end, and all our family birthdays have come and gone. It's a pretty crazy month for us with birthdays.

This year, we decided to invite some of Jack's friends over for a Super Hero birthday party (these are the invites we used). It was pretty much crazy but a good learning experience. :) I didn't get many pictures because Rob and I were basically frantically trying to keep 10 young children under control. Jack had so much fun with his friends. Rose had fun with them too. She probably thought they were there for her just as much as Jack.

I decided to make Super Hero capes and masks for each kid for favors. I just used fabric that has been sitting in my bins forever so it was almost free. Was it worth it? Maybe. One very sweet girl said, "I just love pink and purple! I'm so glad you made a pink and purple one." That made it better. :) I had them all lined up on the wall, but did I get a picture? No.

The sand box was the biggest hit as my party planning mind thought that musical chairs and dance freeze would take 15 minutes each. Try three minutes.

Here's Jack with his mask on upside-down. It makes him look sad, but I don't remember any tears from that day! That's a lot to say for a 4 year old.

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  1. Such a cute party! I love the capes! And Jack cracks me up.


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