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costume shoe covers for Halloween

10:36:00 PM

Rose will be Tinkerbell this year. She will wear this dress with a little tutu and some wings. Sadly, she doesn't have any adorable green ballet slippers, so we went with the covering an old pair of shoes option. Surprisingly, it's really easy!

Step 1
Start with stretch knit fabric (from a t-shirt or the store). This part is essential in making this process easy. Cut a strip of fabric twice as tall as the shoe and as long as the shoe is around. Wrap the strip very tightly around the shoe. About 1/2" will go under the shoe all around. Pin in place.

Step 2
Trim the fabric to fit the shape of the shoe. Don't cut too close to the edges, or it won't look good. :)

Step 3
Trim the back, where the pins are, turn fabric right sides together and sew (zig zag). Put back on the shoe and mark the center front part of the shoe. Sew a short zig zag line.

Step 4
Press the extra fabric at the front down and pin in place. Zig zag stitch along the edges.

Step 5

Decorate however you would like!

Step 6
I'm still working on this one. The covers need to stay in place somehow. I think I will try tacking the extra fabric under the shoe to the sole. I do not care too much for the shoes anyway. In the past, I have stitched across and every-which-way at the bottom, but this takes a lot of work, and the thread/yarn wears out with walking.  I think though that the best way may be to stitch a sole to the bottom of the covers. Of course, that's more work, but it wouldn't have to look good.

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what to do on a rainy evening with stained shirts

11:58:00 AM

Tuesday evening all planned--outside yard work. The garden needs clean-up, lawn needs mowing and trimming and weed killing, sprinklers need fixing, plants need planting. You can tell we had our work cut out for us.

Well apparently we forgot to see if the weather would cooperate. It said, "No way are you coming out here tonight!" So instead of doing the other work that needed to be done (the whole inside of the house), I pulled out a couple of stained shirts, freezer paper, paint and brushes. The kids choose their jack-o-lantern designs--"I want him to have a moostache!"-- and we went to work.

I let the kids paint the orange part of the pumpkins (4 yr old--good idea, 2 yr old--not the best) and we let them dry. Even Rob got in on it by trying out a splatter pumpkin on one of his old shirts. (Coolest idea ever, but because he crafts very little, the execution was not as he would have liked. We'll see if he tries to fix it.)

You can see how happy Rose was this morning.

We worked on another Halloween project (to come) and put the kids to bed. I finished the faces the next morning and they...ahem...Jack was so pleased to wear it.

Have you ever worked with freezer paper? I, um, love it.

sewing projects

how to sew a lapped zipper

4:20:00 PM

I've been promising many people that I would do a tutorial on how to sew a zipper into a skirt. Little did I know (I'm the most forgetful person ever), I actually HAVE a tutorial posted of it, but I'm posting this one too because the pictures were taken in better light and I may have given more information (even if it is opinionated). So HERE IT IS! I'm finally adding something to my sewing blog.

P.S. I really love to answer sewing questions and teach people how to sew, so if YOU have ANY questions, email me.... or comment. I will do my best to answer and hopefully give answers to others who are looking too.

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