how to sew a lapped zipper

4:20:00 PM

I've been promising many people that I would do a tutorial on how to sew a zipper into a skirt. Little did I know (I'm the most forgetful person ever), I actually HAVE a tutorial posted of it, but I'm posting this one too because the pictures were taken in better light and I may have given more information (even if it is opinionated). So HERE IT IS! I'm finally adding something to my sewing blog.

P.S. I really love to answer sewing questions and teach people how to sew, so if YOU have ANY questions, email me.... or comment. I will do my best to answer and hopefully give answers to others who are looking too.

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  1. I wish you lived close by so that I could learn from you first hand! I wish I could sew better than I do! I think it is such a useful skill!


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