Family Halloween 2012

2:57:00 PM

We had a good Halloween this year aside from Jack getting sick and not being able to go trick-or-treating. Total bummer, I know. At least he did get to go to preschool (before we knew of him being sick) in his costume and sing Halloween songs for us. That was fun.

Rosie was in heaven trick-or-treating. Stroller? check. Candy? check. Seeing friends and being social? check. I don't think I could have invented a better night for her. She did inform someone who was passing out play-dough and toys instead of candy that she wanted candy. Luckily, a two-year-old's high-pitched "nanny?" isn't completely understandable so I think it was okay.

This year, three of us followed a theme-- Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Wendy, and Rob was on his own being a mushroom. He wanted to be especially cool and unique for work, so he stole the idea from our nephew and won "Most Original Costume." It was worth it. He did look great.

This is our only family picture (taken on Rob's co-worker's iphone). It was taken right before poor Jack made it known to us that he really was sick and it wasn't just the dinner I made him the night before as he claimed.

"See? This is my pixie dust!" Note: one of my roommates gave the pixie dust to me when I was on a real fairy craze. :)

"Okay, Tink, let's fly!"

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  1. Rachel your Kids are so cute! Rosie looks so much like you! I just found your blog via Alice, and I am so glad you have one! It's good to here what you are up to.

  2. Oh my goodness they are so cute!!!!!!!!!! Rosie is such a pretty tinkerbell fairy.


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