Mushroom Costume

8:19:00 PM

Rob was a mushroom this year, stealing the idea from our nephew who is a mushroom expert (and was a mushroom last year). Rob didn't want to join in the Peter Pan fun and wanted something more unique. He won "Most Original Costume" at work! It really did look great.

Costume Construction

All white pants and shirt, white face and hair.

Sign that says, "Fly Agaric Mushroom, Amanita Muscaria" just makes it officially nerdy.

Paper grass taped to shoes.

Red umbrella with freezer paper dots ironed onto it. The iron must be on a pretty low setting so you don't melt the umbrella.
Note: This works well for an adult, but I think it would fall apart for a kid. For a kid, I'd recommend that office label paper. I'm pretty sure you can buy it in whole sheets. Or spray paint works well (this is what our nephew used).

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