Peter Pan Costume

6:33:00 PM

Jack was Peter Pan this year for Halloween. He loves the movie and was very excited about it. When asked what he would be for Halloween he would excitedly declare "Peter Pan!" then add, "and Rosie will be Tinkerbell and Mommy will be Wendy and Daddy will be a mushroom."

"Think of a wonderful thought! Any happy little thought!"

"Take that!"

Costume Construction

I made the tunic and hat in a similar way to the tunic and hat I made for him with the Jack and the Beanstalk costume. (Sorry, the pictures in the tutorial are bad.) I cut the edges of the tunic zig-zaggy and made the shoulder seam longer so it would be more like a sleeve. I finished the edges using a wide zig-zag stitch.

I made the belt and dagger holder out of some vinyl I had lying around.

I scored the light green velour pants at Gymboree (girl section) for $3.

I made the shoe covers in following what I did for Rosie's shoes. I just added more fabric on the top and scrunched it together with an elastic.

The end. :)

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