Tinkerbell costume

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Rosie was Tinkerbell this year for Halloween or "Bell" as she calls her. Tinkerbell is basically her favorite character, so it worked out great.

"See the crooked wings Mommy made me?" :)
with a jack-o-lantern
collecting fairy dust

Costume Construction

I made the dress with the purpose of it being a church dress but also working for Tinkerbell. I've perfected the pattern and have a how-to for the scallops that I plan on posting soon.

The tutu skirt is just some green gathered tulle sewn to stretch fabric.

The "wings" are just a piece of sheer fabric torn and pinned to the dress. I had big plans to do the hanger-and-tights wings, but a piece of fabric is so much easier. When I was young and my sisters and I needed wings for our pretend play, we tried to make the fabric extra long so we could tie it to our wrists and really flap our wings!

Shoe construction found here.
Note: I would have cut the fabric a whole inch taller to cover the shoes completely after sewing elastic to the bottom.

Sparkles came from aloe vera gel mixed with glitter and glitter in the hair secure with hairspray.

The end.

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  1. I LOVE all the costumes, Rachel! You are so talented!


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