garden finds

midsummer harvest

11:39:00 AM

This is what we've been recently getting from our garden!

It's been so fun to reap the rewards of all that work! I say it like I don't enjoy the work though--not so. I'm one of those crazy gardening ladies who will accidentally be outside for between 4 and 8 hours without even realizing it. My kids cry and I'm like, "what is wrong with you?" Then I finally come inside and realize it's way past lunch/nap time. I garden when it's dark out and the neighbors think I'm weird. Well, a lot of them... One is like me. :)


an american flag

11:29:00 AM

I hope everyone's Fourth of July was wonderful! We celebrated with Rob's parents and family. Rob's parents just got home from serving a three-year mission in Paraguay for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). It has been so good to see them!

I've wanted a handmade linen flag for a long time. I love the drape of linen-- perfect for a flag. I decided to make one this summer. I took FOREVER to applique the stars on. In hindsight, I'd paint them on with a stencil. This would bring the project down from 30 hours to 5 hours. :)

Anyway, I'm happy to have it up all summer. Sorry the picture are a little grainy. I'll be honest, I'm too lazy to go and get the lighting just right to retake the pictures. :)

I've been learning about John Adams recently (the movie and the book by McCullough), and my eyes have been opened to so many wonderful things about our country. Sometimes there is a lack of patriotism. I've felt it at times myself because of the strong divide that seems to overpower our country. The fact is, our country was founded on the freedom to disagree and agree. Many of the founding fathers did not agree with each other and "discussed" things repeatedly until they could come to a decision. Although I do wish we could get along better, it has been so helpful to understand this part about our history.

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