dress up

for a fairy

10:02:00 PM

Jack went to a party for our cute little neighbor girl the other day and pretty much had the time of his life.

I was able to make something super girly for her! A pink and purple tutu with a heart wand. The wand was a piece of cake as the hearts were pre-cut. The tutu took a little more time. I used a stretchy sequin band for the waistband and lined it so it wouldn't be itchy (I'm an experienced stretchy sequin wearer with four sisters to play dress up with.) It was fun to make!


polka dot birthday invitations

3:10:00 PM

We're celebrating birthdays all around here with Rob, Jack and Rose all having a birthday in August. Jack is having a party with all of his Sunbeam (church class) friends and we have some fun plans for it.

I little while ago I saw this and it inspired me to do something similar for the party invitations. I printed off the inside with all the words, cut it out, and folded it in half. I got out my trusty colorful ink pad and pencil and used the eraser to make the dots. It was quite fun actually.

I made a free printable of the invites (as simple as they are). You'll get to do whatever you want to the front-- be it dots, stamps, scribbles or doodles. Have fun!

Here's the link to the PDF of the invites.

feelings of a mom

a growing garden

10:02:00 AM

Sorry all these latest posts are about gardening... I do have other things in the works. They just aren't finished yet.

Every time I see the side yard of our house, I feel a little surge of happiness. All the hard work has been paying off. I can't tell you how many times I worked outside this spring, to look back and see that I didn't make much a difference in the overall look of things. (When you mix compost with dirt, the area still just looks like dirt, for example.)

I'm hoping that future years I'll get better and better at this. I was so lucky to start with boxes already built and filled with rich soil. My new love for gardening is so fulfilling and I'm learning so much. I'm so grateful to have a garden. I hope I can keep up with it. :)

beautiful things


11:03:00 PM

The family we lived with last summer had tons and tons of Zinnias planted with their garden (post here). This spring, during a visit, Rose (the matron of the family) pulled out a huge bag of zinnia seeds she had gathered from last year's flowers and gave it to me. She told me how to plant them, and I eagerly spread them throughout the garden. They've started to bloom and are so cheerful! I gathered a bunch and set them on the kitchen table.

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