beautiful things

tomatoes and zinnias

8:52:00 PM

The last couple days have really felt like autumn. The nights are cold, the days are cool. It's been quite lovely other than the fact that I want to stay in bed and hibernate. :)

I took this picture last week when it still felt like the end of summer. We're still getting plenty of tomatoes and I'm collecting the dried out zinnias for a glorious show next summer. I'm pretty much in love with zinnias if you can't tell. Do you see those pears in the back? Our tree got infected with rust and being new homeowners, we didn't catch it in time. The guy at the nursery said they'd still be okay to eat. We only got three, and one already went bad. I'm anxious to try these!

beautiful things

family pictures

6:14:00 PM

These photos were taken last Sunday when we took a drive up in the mountains. We attempted taking family pictures as well. With a pair of glasses, a boy who only knows how to look crazy or in pain and a little girl who is not interested in sitting still, we have a hard time succeeding in our attempts. If I were photogenic (like Rob...except for the stinkin' glasses) for pretty much every picture, I think we'd have better luck. I hoping in another attempt to get good looks from everyone.  I just can't forget the candy and the jokes. 

Nature was much more cooperative:



I love autumn.

P.S. I keep forgetting to share that I'm expecting again! Baby number three in the beginning of March.

dress up

scalloped dress

5:49:00 PM

I've been bringing the sewing machine upstairs in the well-lit kitchen lately. It's so nice to sew in the sun. I made this dress as a result of realizing that I did not prepare well enough this fall for Rose's clothes. With bins full of fabric, little extra money and excitement to make something quick and girly, I came up with this (second try... I changed the pattern a lot and now I've got it right).

Rose is in love with Tinkerbell, and wants to be her for Halloween, so I added a scalloped hem to make for an easy costume as well.


Jack's birthday

4:31:00 PM

*I wrote this at the end of August, but somehow, I forgot to publish it.

August is nearing it's end, and all our family birthdays have come and gone. It's a pretty crazy month for us with birthdays.

This year, we decided to invite some of Jack's friends over for a Super Hero birthday party (these are the invites we used). It was pretty much crazy but a good learning experience. :) I didn't get many pictures because Rob and I were basically frantically trying to keep 10 young children under control. Jack had so much fun with his friends. Rose had fun with them too. She probably thought they were there for her just as much as Jack.

I decided to make Super Hero capes and masks for each kid for favors. I just used fabric that has been sitting in my bins forever so it was almost free. Was it worth it? Maybe. One very sweet girl said, "I just love pink and purple! I'm so glad you made a pink and purple one." That made it better. :) I had them all lined up on the wall, but did I get a picture? No.

The sand box was the biggest hit as my party planning mind thought that musical chairs and dance freeze would take 15 minutes each. Try three minutes.

Here's Jack with his mask on upside-down. It makes him look sad, but I don't remember any tears from that day! That's a lot to say for a 4 year old.

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