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dinosaur sweatshirt tutorial

6:26:00 PM

This year, Abe was a dragon for Halloween...except that I forgot to make wings, so he was more like a dinosaur. Oh well. :)

Here is a picture tutorial of what went down.

-sweatshirt (You don't have to commit this to the costume, you can unpin the scales and use the sweatshirt later.)
-no-pill fleece
-bias tape
-hem tape
-safety pins

Step 1

Cut out graduating triangle shapes like these from the fleece. My shapes ranged from being 2 inches long to 5 inches long. That size would be great for any kid adaptations. For each scale sew two triangles together along the pointy scale edges.

Step 2

Open the bias tape so that there is only one center fold along the length of the strip. Wrap the two open edges of the triangle around the fold of the bias tape. Pin and zig-zag stitch in place.

Step 3

Open the bias tape and press the hem tape down. This will help the scales stand up.

Step 4

Cut a tail out of two pieces of fleece. Sew together, leaving the top open. Turn right side out. You're ready to stitch the scales down to the tail!

Step 5

 Wrap the bias tape around the curved seam of the tail. Pin heavily, then zigzag stitch in place.

Step 6

Fill tail with stuffing. Pin the top, but turn the tail so that the scales are centered. Zig-zag stitch in place.

Step 7

Pin scales to sweatshirt. If you have extra scales, tuck under hood.


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goings on

4:28:00 PM

We've been busy around here. But really, who isn't busy? I'd like to know. In my way, I have many projects started and I'm finishing them little by little. I have tried to limit my projects and finish everything before I started something else. This does not work for me. I just sat around and didn't make anything because I didn't want to finish my projects, when I finally gave in and started something new, I was so refreshed, I finished some of the projects that had been waiting. Anyway... sorry for the ramble.

I've been researching autumn wreaths and found one that I liked here. I gathered around 100 acorns and pinecones (courtesy of unsuspecting neighbors and BYU). I had to start and stop a few times because I didn't realize how many of them I'd need. I sprayed some of the acorn nuts and pinecones and old (dated) berries with copper spray paint and love the effect it added!

Other goings on:

 I finally finished setting up my Halloween mantel.

 Abe clearing his tray of food in 5 seconds. Again.

I bought a half bushel of apples remembering Rob's apple pies and some how (I don't know how) forgetting that he is the busiest he's ever been in his life.

We're finishing up Jack's Halloween costume (a knight). I spray painted some $1 a yard kelly green vinyl metallic silver for his armor.

We're still getting raspberries! It's my daily treat (aside from dark chocolate chips).

I'm hoping to finish Halloween costumes soon. I'm also hoping to have enough energy/time to post them before or on Halloween. We'll see.

dress up

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

2:43:00 PM


For Rose's birthday this year. I made a Cinderella dress. Now this wasn't just any Cinderella dress--this dress was pink. I had planned on making a blue dress, but when I showed her the fabric, she shook her head and stated, "No. Pink!" Oh-kay! Well, I searched and search for examples of dresses made like the pink Cinderella dress the mice make for her, but found there were very few examples.

Finally, I came up with this (pattern to come). She was quite pleased. I was hoping she could wear it for her Halloween costume, but has decided that being a witch would suit her fancy better. :)

The majority of the dress is made from cotton (white and pink polka dot). It's a simple dress pattern with feminine butterfly sleeves and tulle ribbon for the sash and bows. I added 3 small rosettes to the center of each bow.

animal series

bee themed DIY preschool

11:36:00 PM

 honeycomb maze via mrprintables

Sometimes I do a preschool session with my kids based on a theme they choose. The other day, Jack chose to do a preschool class about wasps. While not the same as bees they're in the same family... I came across this adorable maze and decided to compile a few resources for a preschool class based on bees.


     Bumble Bee by Melinda Christensen (my wonderful mother)

     Bumble bee, I love to see!
     Busy making treats for me,
     Buzzing high and buzzing low,
     Way up in the sky-o!

the letter B:

 alphabet flashcards via mrprintables


"What's it Like to be a Bee" by Jinny Johnson

     This books gives some general information about bees.

     For a younger crowd, this cute story would be easier to follow.

A Day in the life of a bee (worker bee):

A Day in the Life of a Worker Bee by me :)

She gets up in the morning and goes out to search for nectar. She finds flowers and drinks the nectar from the flower. Her legs get covered in pollen when she drinks from the flower. When she moves to the next flower, the pollen on her legs shake off onto the new flower. This helps flowers, fruits and vegetables be healthy. She does this over and over until she is all filled up with nectar. She flies back to the hive and spits the nectar out into the honeycomb or feeds little baby bees. She then goes out for more nectar. Download chart here.


 honeycombs and hexagons: coloring/tracing page

Fill the hexagons with honey, trace the shapes and count the sides, make a colorful art piece!

animal series


4:52:00 PM

My sister and mom went to New York last week to help my other sister out with her children as she just had a beautiful baby girl. My sister came back with a gift from my other sister:

Seriously. So darling! I'm in love. Do you see that bee with the pollen in her apron? Do you see the queen bee tending her baby? I mean really?! They told me to look at the rest of the line called Briar Rose and it is so adorable! Here are a few of my favorites.

If you can't fly to Manhattan to get them at Purl Soho, you can always visit their website at purlsoho.com or try hawthornethreads.com, pinkcastlefabrics.com, or fabric.com

Thank you Tessa! I'm excited to make something out of it (still deciding) and I will come visit you someday!

animal series

bee pillow

4:16:00 PM

So, this bee theme thing is going into August due to having to take programs off the computer have space and the ability to scan a bunch of old family photos. Family history projects are exciting! I've finished all the scanning, so I can soon finish other posts that have been waiting.

Today, I want to show you a very fun project focusing on the beauty of bees.

This pillow is made from linen. I cut wool felt and pieced it together with embroidery thread onto the pillow. For the veins in the wings I used shiny silver thread. Such a fun and rewarding project!

I've started a pattern that will be ready once my computer is back on track. Let me know if you want it!

UPDATE: Felt Bee Applique Pattern Here!

animal series

Burt's Bees baby

1:07:00 PM

My sister and I went to Children's Place a little while ago to look for some clothes for our kids. They were clearancing out a line called Burt's Bees. I love their chap stick and other products, but never new they made clothes! These were deliciously soft and incredibly darling clothes. I looked up their line and here are a few of my favorites:

hat- didn't spot this in the store, but I'm in love with it.

towel- the most luscious and thick baby towel I've encountered. If I told you how much my sister got this for you wouldn't believe me. I only believe it because I saw it happen.

romper- cutest little print with adorable ruffles.

 These and more found here (not clearanced online :()

animal series

10 facts about bees

3:38:00 PM

bee anatomy - Nico Silvester

 by my little brother Jed (13)

1. With out bees pollination would decrease by about 80% which would cause most plants to go extinct, which would cause most herbivores to die, which would cause most carnivores to die, which would lead to a planetary collapse.
2. A colony of bees is divided into three sections: workers, drones and the queen.
3. When a honey bee stings it's stinger comes out and it dies.
4. Theoretically bees shouldn't be able to fly because of their wing size to body mass ratio.
5. Bees fly to flowers to obtain nectar to make honey.
6. Honey can support life all by itself.
7. When they land on a flower, they unintentionally collect pollen which is dropped onto another flower. That is pollination.
8. Bees collectively are intelligent at making decisions.
9. Honey bee venom is more potent than wasps and all other bees.
10. A bee is an insect meaning it has 6 legs and 3 body parts: the head, thorax and abdomen.

For more animal fact by Jed, go here and here and here.

animal series

bee series

4:25:00 PM

bumble bee illustration by Ernest H. Shepard- from "Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees"

  Some of you know that I do an animal series each year. We've celebrated whales, giraffes, peacocks and elephants. This year, I've chosen to celebrate bees. I won't be only dedicating a busy week to it, but will be posting here and there through out July. Hope you enjoy!

beautiful things

pink poppy

6:18:00 PM

Last fall my mom generously gave me some of her beautiful perennials. I begged for a piece of her gorgeous poppy plant and have had three beautiful poppies from it this year!

Every once in a while, Rob will ask what my favorite flower is. I usually say it's too hard to choose, but this lovely peachy pink poppy might be it.

Don't you love the crinkly petals? I'd love to make a skirt that mimics poppy petals. I guess it's the fairy in me. :)

feelings of a mom

Easter 2013

12:20:00 AM


We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was my first day back to church since Abe was born-- quite lovely to be back. I started Rose's Easter dress before the baby was born. I finished it up while trying to hold back the urge to get out in the garden and work too hard. I made the skirt so that when she spins fast enough, it goes straight out rather than creating a barrel shape. I love it and wish I had one!




and here's a little one of Abram and Daddy

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