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9:19:00 PM

It's snowing and snowing and snowing over here. I am proud/happy to say though that I DID shovel the driveway today and I did NOT go into early labor. It's not like I shoveled it really well though... and I did have to take a nap afterwards.

Anyway, back to the snowing and snowing. For almost the whole month of January I have been on seed websites picking out my favorite plants to (hopefully) add to the garden this year. My top three favorite are:

insert: Dear Burpee, should you find an increase in sales in these three plants and somehow find out it is because I shared them with people, feel free to send me some free heirloom seeds and a pack of onion starts. :) or any extra stock you have on hand really...

Or, I'm on pinterest looking at gardening ideas. Top three:

Luckily, I had these beautiful red tulips for a whole week and a half! Rob's work used them for an event and he snatched them before they got thrown away (thrown away?!?). They've been a beautiful sight to see this wintery January. Can you tell I'm not really into the snow?

At this stage in pregnancy (and winter) I have so much to do, so little motivation/energy, and most of my day is spent trying to be nice, trying to talk myself into getting up, taking naps, enduring a never ending kicking game with my extremely active baby :), sewing, wondering if my kids really are potty and sleep trained, watching the common, "Look what I can do!" contests, and taking care of the basic needs of my family... until Rob gets home (he's such a great husband). Ha, when I list it all out it actually sounds like more than I thought it would. :) Here's to the last month!

Goals for the rest of January-- continue trying to be nice, finally finish taking down the Christmas tree. :)


boxwood wreath

7:57:00 PM

Last fall, I became interested in boxwood wreaths. After a little research I found that they are very expensive to buy! I found a way to make them instead, so I gave it a try. It takes a while to make your own, but if you can find a place to keep a bucket of branches out of the way, it's worth it! I used my mom's very overgrown boxwood bushes, two bottles of glycerin and floral spray paint. See how to make them here.

I made three for our bay window. I also made faux roman shades for the window as well. I'm totally in love with the fabric and could have found even more uses for it if I'd bought twice as much. It's too bad I went back to the store a few weeks after I bought the fabric and it was gone! Darn it.

Our house is slowly coming together. After we decorated for Christmas we all finally began feeling like it was really becoming a home. Now I'm nervous to take the decorations down and go back to our sparse decorations. I guess it takes time though. I'm trying to get as much done as I can before the baby comes and before gardening consumes my life again. :)

fun crafts

diy angry birds game

9:45:00 PM

So the other day, Jack began the day by asking me for an Angry Birds game he saw in the store. Upon further research, I concluded that any retail sold with the name "Angry Birds" on it is very overpriced. Of course, I may not appreciate it completely because (here's the confession) I've never played Angry Birds before, but I just didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a dinky game.

"How about you make one out of fabric, Mommy!" I get requests like this often. I guess it's my fault because I give in to half of them, drop everything and make whatever it is. This morning, however, I did NOT want to spend my day making an Angry Birds game, so I kind of pushed it off.

Luckily, Jack's creativity kicked in and he came up with different ideas that were quick and easy. He found a slingshot thing in Rob's junk drawer, and a finger puppet Angry Bird he got at a birthday party.

After Jack asked me to make the green guys from fabric, I replied, "We'll just have to get some green balls another day and make them."

"How about some Easter eggs!"

Well, it was kind of perfect.

With a sharpie, sticky paper, tape and a penny, we got the job done and pulled out the blocks. We realized that this would work for the other birds as well if we wanted to go all out.

Jack and his Angry Bird face
It was the preferred game of the weekend for him! But really, who wouldn't like tossing a bird at a bunch of blocks and wobbly green guys?


11:17:00 PM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We enjoyed ours quite a lot. It was so much fun to spend so much time with those we love.

I'm so grateful for my Savior. For His life that he freely gave. For His love. For His example. We are so blessed to have a Savior.

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