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It's snowing and snowing and snowing over here. I am proud/happy to say though that I DID shovel the driveway today and I did NOT go into early labor. It's not like I shoveled it really well though... and I did have to take a nap afterwards.

Anyway, back to the snowing and snowing. For almost the whole month of January I have been on seed websites picking out my favorite plants to (hopefully) add to the garden this year. My top three favorite are:

insert: Dear Burpee, should you find an increase in sales in these three plants and somehow find out it is because I shared them with people, feel free to send me some free heirloom seeds and a pack of onion starts. :) or any extra stock you have on hand really...

Or, I'm on pinterest looking at gardening ideas. Top three:

Luckily, I had these beautiful red tulips for a whole week and a half! Rob's work used them for an event and he snatched them before they got thrown away (thrown away?!?). They've been a beautiful sight to see this wintery January. Can you tell I'm not really into the snow?

At this stage in pregnancy (and winter) I have so much to do, so little motivation/energy, and most of my day is spent trying to be nice, trying to talk myself into getting up, taking naps, enduring a never ending kicking game with my extremely active baby :), sewing, wondering if my kids really are potty and sleep trained, watching the common, "Look what I can do!" contests, and taking care of the basic needs of my family... until Rob gets home (he's such a great husband). Ha, when I list it all out it actually sounds like more than I thought it would. :) Here's to the last month!

Goals for the rest of January-- continue trying to be nice, finally finish taking down the Christmas tree. :)

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  1. You are amazing, Rachel! Good luck for the rest of the pregnancy--I can't wait to see your new baby!


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