Animal Finger Puppet Valentines

9:29:00 PM

*Notice: These have been wildly popular (pun intended) :), so I've made a newer version of this for your personal and educational use. The animals are sorted by background color. I've also added more animals! Please, check it out.

I saw a link on pinterest to paper/cardboard finger puppets that I thought were so cute, I decided to make them into Rosie's Valentine's.

They were super fun to make and I thought I would share them with you (Free Printables!). I give most of the credit to Rob for thinking up the puns as I am usually completely stumped when it comes to things like that.

These were the B&W PDFs printed on colored cardstock.
We don't have a color printer, so I made a b&w version as well as a color version. Just print them on cardstock, cut around the outside and cut out the bottom holes for the fingers to fit through, color them (optional), give them away! They then can cut the Valentine's sentiment off and have a puppet show!

P.S. I highly recommend you use a 5/8" circle punch like this if you are making a lot of these. My hands are sore and tired from cutting out those circles!

Savanna/Jungle Animal Valentines


Farm Animal Valentines


Woodland Animal Valentines


Pet Animal Valentines


Need some more V. Day inspiration? Click here for more great Valentine's ideas!

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  1. Rachel, those are seriously so cute.

  2. Thank you! These finger dolls are wonderful!

  3. Thanks! It's so wonderful. Will make more fun in the storytime

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