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 honeycomb maze via mrprintables

Sometimes I do a preschool session with my kids based on a theme they choose. The other day, Jack chose to do a preschool class about wasps. While not the same as bees they're in the same family... I came across this adorable maze and decided to compile a few resources for a preschool class based on bees.


     Bumble Bee by Melinda Christensen (my wonderful mother)

     Bumble bee, I love to see!
     Busy making treats for me,
     Buzzing high and buzzing low,
     Way up in the sky-o!

the letter B:

 alphabet flashcards via mrprintables


"What's it Like to be a Bee" by Jinny Johnson

     This books gives some general information about bees.

     For a younger crowd, this cute story would be easier to follow.

A Day in the life of a bee (worker bee):

A Day in the Life of a Worker Bee by me :)

She gets up in the morning and goes out to search for nectar. She finds flowers and drinks the nectar from the flower. Her legs get covered in pollen when she drinks from the flower. When she moves to the next flower, the pollen on her legs shake off onto the new flower. This helps flowers, fruits and vegetables be healthy. She does this over and over until she is all filled up with nectar. She flies back to the hive and spits the nectar out into the honeycomb or feeds little baby bees. She then goes out for more nectar. Download chart here.


 honeycombs and hexagons: coloring/tracing page

Fill the hexagons with honey, trace the shapes and count the sides, make a colorful art piece!

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