A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

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For Rose's birthday this year. I made a Cinderella dress. Now this wasn't just any Cinderella dress--this dress was pink. I had planned on making a blue dress, but when I showed her the fabric, she shook her head and stated, "No. Pink!" Oh-kay! Well, I searched and search for examples of dresses made like the pink Cinderella dress the mice make for her, but found there were very few examples.

Finally, I came up with this (pattern to come). She was quite pleased. I was hoping she could wear it for her Halloween costume, but has decided that being a witch would suit her fancy better. :)

The majority of the dress is made from cotton (white and pink polka dot). It's a simple dress pattern with feminine butterfly sleeves and tulle ribbon for the sash and bows. I added 3 small rosettes to the center of each bow.

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