dinosaur sweatshirt tutorial

6:26:00 PM

This year, Abe was a dragon for Halloween...except that I forgot to make wings, so he was more like a dinosaur. Oh well. :)

Here is a picture tutorial of what went down.

-sweatshirt (You don't have to commit this to the costume, you can unpin the scales and use the sweatshirt later.)
-no-pill fleece
-bias tape
-hem tape
-safety pins

Step 1

Cut out graduating triangle shapes like these from the fleece. My shapes ranged from being 2 inches long to 5 inches long. That size would be great for any kid adaptations. For each scale sew two triangles together along the pointy scale edges.

Step 2

Open the bias tape so that there is only one center fold along the length of the strip. Wrap the two open edges of the triangle around the fold of the bias tape. Pin and zig-zag stitch in place.

Step 3

Open the bias tape and press the hem tape down. This will help the scales stand up.

Step 4

Cut a tail out of two pieces of fleece. Sew together, leaving the top open. Turn right side out. You're ready to stitch the scales down to the tail!

Step 5

 Wrap the bias tape around the curved seam of the tail. Pin heavily, then zigzag stitch in place.

Step 6

Fill tail with stuffing. Pin the top, but turn the tail so that the scales are centered. Zig-zag stitch in place.

Step 7

Pin scales to sweatshirt. If you have extra scales, tuck under hood.


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