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bee series

4:25:00 PM

bumble bee illustration by Ernest H. Shepard- from "Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees"

  Some of you know that I do an animal series each year. We've celebrated whales, giraffes, peacocks and elephants. This year, I've chosen to celebrate bees. I won't be only dedicating a busy week to it, but will be posting here and there through out July. Hope you enjoy!

beautiful things

pink poppy

6:18:00 PM

Last fall my mom generously gave me some of her beautiful perennials. I begged for a piece of her gorgeous poppy plant and have had three beautiful poppies from it this year!

Every once in a while, Rob will ask what my favorite flower is. I usually say it's too hard to choose, but this lovely peachy pink poppy might be it.

Don't you love the crinkly petals? I'd love to make a skirt that mimics poppy petals. I guess it's the fairy in me. :)

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