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4:28:00 PM

We've been busy around here. But really, who isn't busy? I'd like to know. In my way, I have many projects started and I'm finishing them little by little. I have tried to limit my projects and finish everything before I started something else. This does not work for me. I just sat around and didn't make anything because I didn't want to finish my projects, when I finally gave in and started something new, I was so refreshed, I finished some of the projects that had been waiting. Anyway... sorry for the ramble.

I've been researching autumn wreaths and found one that I liked here. I gathered around 100 acorns and pinecones (courtesy of unsuspecting neighbors and BYU). I had to start and stop a few times because I didn't realize how many of them I'd need. I sprayed some of the acorn nuts and pinecones and old (dated) berries with copper spray paint and love the effect it added!

Other goings on:

 I finally finished setting up my Halloween mantel.

 Abe clearing his tray of food in 5 seconds. Again.

I bought a half bushel of apples remembering Rob's apple pies and some how (I don't know how) forgetting that he is the busiest he's ever been in his life.

We're finishing up Jack's Halloween costume (a knight). I spray painted some $1 a yard kelly green vinyl metallic silver for his armor.

We're still getting raspberries! It's my daily treat (aside from dark chocolate chips).

I'm hoping to finish Halloween costumes soon. I'm also hoping to have enough energy/time to post them before or on Halloween. We'll see.

dress up

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

2:43:00 PM


For Rose's birthday this year. I made a Cinderella dress. Now this wasn't just any Cinderella dress--this dress was pink. I had planned on making a blue dress, but when I showed her the fabric, she shook her head and stated, "No. Pink!" Oh-kay! Well, I searched and search for examples of dresses made like the pink Cinderella dress the mice make for her, but found there were very few examples.

Finally, I came up with this (pattern to come). She was quite pleased. I was hoping she could wear it for her Halloween costume, but has decided that being a witch would suit her fancy better. :)

The majority of the dress is made from cotton (white and pink polka dot). It's a simple dress pattern with feminine butterfly sleeves and tulle ribbon for the sash and bows. I added 3 small rosettes to the center of each bow.

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