Monarch Caterpillar Preschool Activity

4:44:00 PM

Hey y'all!

We're in Tennessee this summer! We've begun to do a series of themed weeks to help us when we're escaping the heat that we are SOOO not used to. :)

This week, we learned about monarch butterflies and the life cycle of butterflies.

To start off, after a lesson in the letter "C" and monarch caterpillars (youtube helps us learn:)) we made some monarch caterpillar bracelets. We're all about easy and using what we have on hand, so here are the simple instructions:

 -yellow, white and black colored paper
 -glue stick
 -elastic (the thinner the better--mine is too thick to make this as easy as it should be)

1) Roll up one sheet of yellow, white and black colored paper. Glue closed to make a tube.
2) Cut the paper into 3/8" beads.
3) String onto elastic and tie or sew shut

4) Take a picture, then promptly let your 5 year old tear his apart :)

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