Christmas Concert Bingo

8:32:00 PM

Happy December to you! Hope you are making merry as you celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Any Christmas Concerts in your future? With kids? I have just the thing. A Bingo sheet to help your child listen to the music and be a bit less fidgety.

Feel free to print this off for your personal use! Click here to download.

Happy Celebrating!

feelings of a mom


5:04:00 PM

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know that his apostles are also prophets of God. They receive revelation from our Father in Heaven to lead His church. I know this.

I also know that there have been times in my life when I have received revelation for my family. As my husband and I have gone to the Lord, He has asked us to do some very hard things. Things we didn't understand all of the reasoning to. At times, only parts of the revelations made sense. Sometimes a lot of it didn't make sense to us.

We have had to trust that the Lord is all knowing. We are his children. He loves us and asks us to trust him. In a smaller, but similar way, we do this with our own children. When we acted on some of the inspiration we have received, it has been hard, really hard. I have not always been necessarily cheerful about it. Looking back, I can see that I had no reason to kick and scream. I am in a better place. The Lord has led and guided us in ways I couldn't have imagined. The Lord has opened my mind to how he works.

I hope as I continue to be asked to do hard things by the Lord or his prophets, I can accept that I know a lot less than I think I know. I am a child of God, but I am just that--a child. I hope I can take it as an opportunity to come to Him and learn more.

Above is a photo of my mother's mom and dad. A while back, we recorded some stories and thoughts from my Grandpa. This little dissertation has reminded me to better trust the Lord.

click on the link above to hear the dissertation

dress up

Halloween 2015

11:02:00 PM

Happy Halloween from Jack (Sir Lancelot), Abe (Shark/Pilot/Superhero), Rose (Cinderella) and  poor crying Eve (Fairy Princess).

dress up

Fairy Princess

10:56:00 PM

Eve was a fairy princess this year. Easy as pie. Combine our old Tinkerbell dress with a felt fairy set I made a few years ago, some shiny red shoes, and cute girl. That's it!

For being unhappy at picture time, this is the best I could get. ;)

Daddy was a jester (ie: wore a jester hat for pictures) this year and helped Eve smile a little more. :)

dress up

Knight Costume

10:45:00 PM

Jack is obsessed with knights. So much. He has been studying knights and absorbing as much information as he can about them. So, of course, this year for Halloween, he was a knight. Sir Lancelot to be exact.

Jack wanted every single layer that a real knight wears for his costume. While I like a challenge, I had to nix that idea, because, really... who has time to do that?

Pinterest helped me a lot while I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make this thing. I'm so happy that it's done, though-- tough project!

dress up

Cinderella Gown

10:30:00 PM

I am working on patterns for princess dresses, and did another round of Cinderella's ball gown. This is such a fun dress to make. I think the princess likes it too. :)

Brother Abe is a very independent boy and therefore a mix of shark/dragon/superhero. These two get along so well.


Jack-O-Lantern pillow

10:05:00 PM

Soooo, it seems I'm on a pillow kick. Here is another Halloween pillow I made in an attempt to be more festive at Halloween. I decided to go with a more vintage looking Jack-O-Lantern design.

I accented with red stitching and piping. I'm loving the unexpected detail.



9:43:00 PM

Halloween is almost here! While I'm totally a fan of dressing up in costume and eating chocolate, I am not a fan of very spooky, gross, or creepy things. But isn't that what Halloween is about?! Not exactly--The day was originally dedicated to remembering the dead. These dead are hallowed people or saints.

Crazy how traditions can change over the course of time, right!?

Well, I've been trying to beef up my Halloween decor because my kids are begging for a spooky house. I can't just throw any spooky thing up though, especially if I'm not a fan of spooky things in the first place. I've found a few ideas that I like on pinterest. See my board here.

Earlier this year, I came across a Halloween print that I actually found whimsical and fun (Haunted Gala by Moda). I paired that with a free vintage embroidery pattern, and came up with my spookiest decoration. :)

For any linguists interested, the apostrophe in the word Halloween actually has meaning. Here is a little rundown of how the holiday has been written over time.
  • All Hallows' Eve
  • Hallows' Evening (as in the sun is evening with the horizon)
  • Hallows' Even
  • Hallowe'en
  • Halloween

Happy Halloween!

fun crafts

Brigham City Temple Coloring Page

5:55:00 PM

kids color, general conference activity, temples, I love to see the temple, lds, mormon

My brother got married recently in the Brigham City Temple. We wanted to give the kids something to do, so I made a quick sketch of the Temple for the kids to color at the luncheon. We didn't get time to print it off (busy morning :)) but it worked out. We rolled out a bunch of Kraft paper and let the kids color on that.

Here is the PDF for a printable coloring page of the Brigham City Temple you can use for church or personal purposes.


Art Class ages 3-6

2:32:00 PM

I recently had the opportunity to teach an art class to kids ages 3-5 and it was so fun! I found a really awesome book called "Perfect Square" by Michael Hall and used it as the theme for the class.

I loved this book because it encompassed the whole idea of art--starting with something ordinary, and using creativity to turn it into something awesome!

Here is the lesson plan for the class:


1. Show children shapes and have them identify them: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and diamond. You could also add an oval, a star, and/or a hexagon.


2. Play "I Spy' by finding different shapes in 3 pieces of art.
-Posted are: Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian, Dedication Page of a Moralized Bible, from Paris, France, and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

3. Give each child a paper square in the color of their choice to hold.

4. Read the book, "Perfect Square."

5. Tell the children to tear, cut, crinkle the paper... whatever they want to do.

6. Give each child another piece of paper and tell them to turn their scraps into something--like in the book.
       -You could do an example or two with the same torn or cut pieces of your own to show them what to do.
       -If they are having a hard time deciding what to do, ask them what their favorite toy, or place is. 

7. Help them create!

Lesson Materials List-
-a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and diamond cut from construction paper (add other shapes if you want)
-3-5 prints of art with recognizable shapes (ie: Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow, the Dedication Page of a Moralized Bible and Starry Night)
-the book, "Perfect Square"

Art Materials List-
-construction paper
-glue sticks
-a few hole punches
-crayons or markers or colored pencils (for the details)
-optional: one alternate craft/art item (pipe cleaners, puff balls, tin foil)

baby stuff

family tradition: old fashioned black and white baby photos

7:00:00 PM

My mom's mother had 10 kids (!). Their family had many great traditions that have been passed down to my mom and then to me.

My mom (Melinda)
I clearly remember my grandma's romantic, Victorian style decorating in the living room. There were touches of my grandpa's art everywhere. Along the stairway were 10 oval framed photos of each of my grandparents' children. The pictures were all taken when each child was between one and two years old. My sisters and I liked to go up and guess who was who.

Me (Rachel). I would NOT let my mom curl my hair. Therefore, my photo is the least cute of the group. ;)

My mom had photos taken of each of her children as babies. They are up in the living room with baby photos of my mom and dad at the top.

Of course, I wanted to continue this tradition. I love looking at the little photos of my children when they were younger. We recently took Abram's photo, so we're as up to date as we can be.

baby stuff

birth announcement for Eve

5:01:00 PM

I stayed up way too late last night working on these to send to grandparents.

Eve looks so different now, but I love the newborn photos. I meant to send these out sooner, but was delayed because poor Evie stayed in the hospital for a week because of RSV. It was very scary at first, but she is doing better now. After being conked out for three days because of her breathing tube, Eve awoke all smiles and with eyes twice as big as before! Sweet Eve.


Job Chart/Chore Chart

8:48:00 PM

Sometimes I make my kids do lots of jobs. I generally assign the number of small jobs that matches my child's age: Jack is 6, so he is supposed to do 6 small jobs daily. Rose has 4 jobs, Abe has 2 jobs.

Here are some of the jobs we do:
  • get dressed
  • make bed
  • clean bedroom
  • pick up 20 things
  • empty the dishwasher
  • wash the table
  • organize the shoes
  • put clothes away
  • help mommy (they do on-demand things like getting diapers, helping a sibling)
I wish I were more consistent, but this little chart helps! At the beginning of the week, we make a list of daily jobs (for the kids who can't read, we draw a symbol for the job) then the kids can mark off when they have finished their jobs  If they want to make money to earn a toy, we add extra jobs.

You can download the chart here.

Good luck! Teaching kids to work hard is hard work!


Ponyo Felt Christmas Ornament

8:26:00 PM

Anyone fans of Hayao Miyazaki? He is a famous Japanese cartoon movie director. My husband is a die-hard fan and has introduced a bunch of great movies to our family. Ever heard of Kiki's Delivery Service? My Neighbor Totoro? My personal favorite is Ponyo. It is a favorite of Rose's as well. Because Rosie loves it so much, she got a wool felt Ponyo ornament this year. She was very fun to make.

The story of Ponyo is based off of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. In this version, an adorable little orange-haired girl is the main character. Miyazaki illustrates the story beautifully and I LOVE how Ponyo is styled after a goldfish.

baby stuff

Baby Eve

1:27:00 AM

I'm happy to announce (even after non-regular posts) that a new baby girl joined our family at Christmas time! It was a very different, but very special Christmas. We felt so blessed to have such a sweet angel at such a wonderful time of year!

Little baby Eve Elizabeth

We love her and are so excited she's finally here!

I can't believe I have four kids--big family, right? Weird. I have no idea what I'm doing, but each child has been such a wonderful blessing to our family. Their unique personalities teach us so much.

P.S. Don't you love the stories these photographs capture? My friend, very talented Heather Palmer took these photos. She is so good at storytelling!

baby stuff

stars and moon baby mobile

1:12:00 AM

I've loved working with wool felt lately. It feel so soft and warm. It holds up so well and is so pretty! I've been wanting to make a baby mobile with wool felt and used the fun occasion of my college best friend having a baby to give it a try.

Here's how it turned out!

I used dark pink, warm pink, mustard, buttery yellow, cream and white felt and graduated the colors. I used a large embroidery hoop for the structure and wrapped it in a soft twine. The moon was stabilized with interfacing sandwiched between two felt pieces.

I learned recently that I could sew through the cent of felt or paper shapes to make garlands and applied that to the making of this mobile.

It was fun to make and pretty simple in concept. My kids were pretty much in love with it, so I see more coming in the future. :)

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