Job Chart/Chore Chart

8:48:00 PM

Sometimes I make my kids do lots of jobs. I generally assign the number of small jobs that matches my child's age: Jack is 6, so he is supposed to do 6 small jobs daily. Rose has 4 jobs, Abe has 2 jobs.

Here are some of the jobs we do:
  • get dressed
  • make bed
  • clean bedroom
  • pick up 20 things
  • empty the dishwasher
  • wash the table
  • organize the shoes
  • put clothes away
  • help mommy (they do on-demand things like getting diapers, helping a sibling)
I wish I were more consistent, but this little chart helps! At the beginning of the week, we make a list of daily jobs (for the kids who can't read, we draw a symbol for the job) then the kids can mark off when they have finished their jobs  If they want to make money to earn a toy, we add extra jobs.

You can download the chart here.

Good luck! Teaching kids to work hard is hard work!

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