Tie Dye

10:46:00 AM

We had a tie dye party for Jack's birthday. Jack loves art and designing, so this worked perfectly! The kids got to choose the design and colors and had so much fun. It was such a great project for kids!

animal series


12:32:00 PM

We decided to get chickens last spring and it has been quite the fun experience! They have been the perfect easy pet and everybody is fond of them. We have learned a lot as well!


Fabric Painting

7:31:00 PM

I've been dyeing fabric since Jack was a baby. A few years ago, I learned to make fabric paint that actually integrates into fabric! A lot has been experimental fun, but this summer, I decided to pull out the camera to document some of my hobby.


Webelos and Arrow of Light Adventure Checklist Tracking Sheet

1:09:00 PM

Another Cub Scouts post guys!

After doing a search, I couldn't find a document with a list and short description (or tracking sheet) of the Webelos and Arrow of Light Adventures. I found some Wolf and Bear tracking sheets here (awesome!), but nothing for the older boys. So, I pulled out my Webelos/Arrow of Light book and worked through the requirements.

Here is a list for you! It is patterned similarly to the Wolf and Bear tracking sheets, but isn't totally the same.

Spreadsheet version (includes all lists needed)
PDF versions:
Webelos Requirements
Arrow of Light Requirements
Webelos and Arrow of Light Electives

Good luck in Cub Scouts!


Cub Scouts Combined Calendar

12:41:00 PM

Hello All!

This type of post is uncommon to the types of posts I write, but I still wanted to share in case it could be of use to anyone in the same situation as me.

I recently was asked to be a Cub Scout Den Leader for my church group of boys. We only have two boys right now, but one is in Webelos and the other is a Wolf. This presents a bit of a problem with the range of adventures!

I worked through the new requirements for scouts and form a calendar of sorts that would enable us to all work together on similar activities each time we meet.

This method does not allow scouts to pass off a whole lot of adventures, but it allows them to pass off requirements and a few electives and interact with the other boys in the pack.

Here is the calendar:
Spreadsheet version
PDF version

I am sure there could be improvements and if you think of any, let me know! I am by NO means a great organizer. Ask anyone. :)

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