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We decided to get chickens last spring and it has been quite the fun experience! They have been the perfect easy pet and everybody is fond of them. We have learned a lot as well!


We started out with eight little chickies. They were cute for a little bit, but chicks are SOOO messy. I was the primary cleaner upper, so it took me a while to warm up to them as they grew up.

Partway through the summer, our chickens were attacked, and we lost five of them. Now we have three: Peach, Amelia and Oreo.

Rob and Jack have been the primary caretakers. Rob has been their main protector and really loves them.

They sure charm every picture we take and are fun and funny to watch. They love making huge messes with mulch, eating a lot of our bugs, escaping into the cornfield and flying out of their pen. :)

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