Fabric Painting

7:31:00 PM

I've been dyeing fabric since Jack was a baby. A few years ago, I learned to make fabric paint that actually integrates into fabric! A lot has been experimental fun, but this summer, I decided to pull out the camera to document some of my hobby.

I use Jaquard Procion dyes, which are fiber reactive. They bind to natural fibers to make beautiful bright, fade resistant colors. You can learn more here:

All of the photos are taken before the items were washed, so the colors are brighter than the end product. The actual effect is a muted soft print that is gorgeous. It is so much fun, and I'm a huge nerd about it.

Above is a painted fish for with the future of being a bag to hold tackle. The little containers show what the Jaquard dyes look like. The gel-like stuff in the mason jar is a mixture of chemicals to form a paint base.

Watermelon print birthing blanket. (Note to self: Use black fabric paint instead of my own mix. The black bleeds and spots in other areas.)

Here is a close up of a fox and watermelon birthing blanket.

I'll have to take more photos! Since I got a smart phone, I always forget to pull out the camera. :)

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