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I've been making my own planner for the past few years. My reasoning has been that I have specific needs. I'm a mom and I need a place for different lists. I'm artistic, and I need my planner to be sort of fun. I need a space for budgeting. I like spaces for health goals. I need a place to sketch, to write down my crazy ideas and try to motivate myself (ahem, Rob) to cook, so...MEAL PLANS! I'm not much of a journal keeper, so my planner has become my journal as well.

Ready for the files? Here you go! 2017 Planner

I've recently discovered bullet journaling, and I'm so excited to implement it in this planner! I've added lots of fun pages that will hopefully help me track things I do and keep me into the planner. Last years planner was full of blank pages. :(

Anyway, if you want to give it a try, go for it! It's more complicated to make your own planner, but if this fits your needs, it may be worth it for the year. :) Please excuse the obvious phone quality of the pictures. Here are the 2017 Planner Files.  Enjoy!

Monthly Splash Page
I use cardstock for the calendar/tab page and heavier weight printer paper for the other sheets so I can print front and back. 

 Weekly Splash Page

Ideas Section
I have a number of added sections including: Journal, Spiritual Thoughts, Thank You's, Planning, Ideas and Sketches. I made printable sheets for many of the tabs, but I use good old graph paper for my Ideas tab. 

Here are the 2017 Planner Files. Enjoy!

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