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The beautiful poster above is by Hannah Rosengren. (She sells this print in postcard and minicard size too!)

When I first started this blog, I had a yearly tradition of writing a series for favorite animals. The last animal series I did was a bee series and let's just say I completely fell in love. If it weren't for the likelihood that we will move this summer, I would be trying my hand at keeping bees. Meanwhile, Rob and I have been researching them, taking classes and getting excited to start (hopefully next year). You may not have known, but bee populations are disappearing worldwide. Loosing bees would have a HUGE impact on our ability to have fresh fruits, nuts, flowers and veggies.

Since keeping bees won't happen this year, our family will have to settle for helping the bees how we can. Here is a  I'm looking forward to planting some of these flowers and herbs. Anyone can help save the bees!

embroidery, applique, DIY home decor, field guide illustration

I'm resurfacing the bee series to help introduce my felt bumble bee pattern. This beautiful piece is perfect for spring. The pattern, along with kits will debut in my shop soon!

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