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Everybody excited for Valentine's Day?  I think I mostly love Valentine's Day because it give me something to look forward to in winter. Valentine's Day provides so many opportunities for fun creativity and... pink. I love pink. I also love love. It comes in so many forms and is such a wonderful thing to celebrate!

Today I want to share with you an easy project to help you in your festivities this Valentine's Day--an appliqued heart t-shirt! This is a great project for beginning and experienced sewers alike!

-a t-shirt
-colored knit fabric (about 7"x7")
-wonder under
-matching thread

DIY sewing, heart

Step 1: Draw or trace a heart onto the paper side of Wonder-Under.

Step 2: Cut heart out and iron onto wrong side of colored knit fabric following manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3: Cut fabric around heart.

Step 4: Iron heart onto t-shirt following manufacturer's instructions.

Step 5: Sew around the edges of the heart. If you're having trouble making it even and straight, don't worry too much! Look to step 6--

*Tip: DO make sure you are only sewing through the top layer of the t-shirt.

Applique, sewing projects

Step 6: Continue stitching around the heart until you've gone around 3 times. This is mostly to mask "mistakes" so that they look intentional. Just keep sewing. If you're not super far off as you go around, it will look good. :)

See? It's supposed to have a more relaxed, "artistic" look.

sewing projects, Valentines day, easy tutorial

Put it on and go about in style!

Q and A

Why does the heart need to be made from knit fabric?
  • Knit fabric doesn't fray. Although a flowery quilting cotton would be cute, you would have to finish the edges of the heart differently to prevent fraying. 

What if I want the heart to be white or a very light color?
  • Take a preliminary step of applying knit interfacing to the heart fabric so the heart will be more opaque.

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