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I'm a Mormon. In our church we have beautiful temples. They mean a lot to us. They mean forever families, a peaceful place to worship, the house of God, a place of learning, and a place of faith. My husband and I were married in the Bountiful Temple. It was a beautiful, wonderful, spiritual day. I'm so grateful for the peace that temples bring me.

If you had not had a chance to visit a temple, I strongly encourage it. To go inside a temple, special and sacred promises are made. This includes being baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or becoming a "Mormon".) Learn more, here.

Payson, UT Temple open house (May 2015)

There are temples being built all around the world. The Church holds open houses before they are dedicated and anyone and everyone is invited to tour the inside of the temple. Anyone and everyone is also invited to visit the beautiful gardens surrounding our temples. I can testify that peace can be strongly felt there as well.

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We believe it's important to teach our children the significance of the temple, so we teach and sing about temples a lot.

I love to see the temple,
I'm going there someday,
To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I'll prepare myself while I am young.
This is my sacred duty.
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I drew up the Salt Lake Temple a few years ago for an assignment I had with the children in my congregation. You are welcome to use it for your family or for church!

There are a few versions you can download:

-8x10 prints in blue, green and orchid

-5x7 prints in blue, green and orchid

-black and white coloring book style

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