More Animal Finger Puppet Valentines

1:56:00 PM

I while back, I made these finger puppet Valentines. They have been such a hit with with our family and friends! Over the years I have been refining them to fit our printing and immediate use needs, so here is this year's version! I've added a dinosaur,a frog, a panda, a duck, a giraffe, and a cheetah.

I never have enough (or any) colored ink in my printer, so these are strictly formatted to be printed on colored card stock. The animal puppets are grouped by color rather than type of animal.

The file suggests colors for each page. The Valentine message is part of the puppet so you can punch the holes before giving away. This way, the receiver can play with the puppets right away! You will like making these much more if you use a 5/8" circle punch. :) Trust me, I've hand-cut a lot of circles.

Hope you and your littles enjoy! Download the new version of the Animal Finger Puppet Valentines!

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