Free Printable Charades Game-- to encourage imaginary play

2:03:00 PM

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Spring Break has officially started even though spring has not. The weather here is shouting, "Hey! It's winter still!" and I agree. Let's just say, the prospect of having all 4 kids home while I'm 7 months pregnant, combined with cold weather and a cold has me a little worried for the next week, but I suppose we'll make it through.

I was trying to think of ways for the kids to be entertained and remembered a Charades game I made a while ago. We gave it a try this morning and had lots of fun coloring, cutting and pretending. Every kid enjoyed some aspect of it, so I can safely say that this activity actually fits ages 2-8 pretty well. I love games that encourage imagination and creativity, and this fits the bill!

pretend animals, pretend play, imagination, matching game, flashcards, coloring

Please download, print and enjoy for personal, education and church use! These Charades game cards can be easily used as coloring pages, reading flashcards, and a matching game.

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