Sewing for Service--5 things to make and give to sick kids

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Having had many surgeries throughout my life, I have become very familiar with hospitals and doctors. I was born with a bilateral cleft-lip and palette, and surgeries included a number of plastic and ear surgeries from the time I was born until I was 16. I thought I was pretty experienced in the matter until my sweet little 6 week old baby Eve became critically ill with RSV. I was then introduced into a whole new world.

There were many tender mercies and miracles that happened during the week we were in Primary Children's hospital. More than half that time was spent in the ICU. The life-flight, the lack of breathing and my own emotions resurfacing from a bad experience I had had during a previous surgery, left me anxious and vulnerable.

There were many angels seen and unseen who supported me during this experience. Too many to list here. I will say, however, that I was amazed at the wonderful donations of time and talents many people give to families with sick children. One particular morning I returned from having slept at my in-laws house to find sweet little Eve with a cute bow, a new pillowcase and new blanket. How it lifted my spirits!

I know that my short experience does not compare in any way to experiences many others have, but it did make me want to give back. I've compiled a list of donations that people can make to help children who are sick.

5 Things to Make and Give to Sick Kids

1) Wigs for Children with Cancer

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The Magic Yarn Project primarily makes princess and pirate wigs for child cancer patients. They have many opportunities for you to serve these little children: donate yarn, make a wig, make a crown, organize a workshop.

2) Gauze, Flannel and Fleece Blankets

Photo and tutorial for trimmed fleece blankets found at It's Always Autumn

A cute and snuggly blanket can be such a comfort. Hospital blankets are often stiff and scratchy.

3) Little Hats, Bonnets, Wraps and Gowns for Angel Babies

Photo from: angelbabiesblog

Sometimes very sad things happen in the hospital. Often families are unprepared for these events. You can help families who have lost a little one. Premature stillborn babies can be dressed in little hats and gowns or their fragile bodies can be placed in blanket wraps. Grieving families are grateful to have these thoughtful gifts.

4) Accessories

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These hats were made using the Knot Hard at All Tutorial and Pattern

Headbands, bows and hats. They can really cheer a patient (or their family).

5) Handmade Toys

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It is incredibly boring for children who stay in the hospital. We shared a room with a little 18 month old while Eve was in the hospital and toys were really helpful for her! Whether it's something to snuggle or something to play with, they'll be grateful!

What else can you give?

Other things you can donate to children that are not handmade: mobiles, toys, onesies, cozy socks, books, crayons and coloring books (all new).

If you have questions, call your local hospital to see what they could use.


*I talked to our local hospital and they were sure to clarify that handmade items are wonderful, but must be made from new materials

*One more thing: There are some small town local hospitals that are lacking basic needs like cribs for older babies. You may investigate an monetary donations that can fulfill these needs.

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