Children's Books Recommendations--Spring and Easter

12:36:00 PM

I have a sister who is kind of the go-to children's book guru in our family. While all 5 of us sisters LOVE children's books, Tess has access to amazing little bookstores along with the interest and taste to find really cool children's books.

Here are her top book recommendations for Spring and Easter:

"The Easter Egg Artists" by Adrienne Adams
"Grandpa Green" by Lane Smith
"Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey
"Miss Rumpius" by Barbara Cooney
"The Curious Garden" by Peter Brown
"And Then It's Spring" by Julie Fogliano
"Marshmallow" by Clare Turlay Newbery

Have you heard of They've become my favorite go-to for books (because I DON'T have access to any bookstores). They sell used books, so there is often some wear-and-tear, but they are CHEAP for hardback books! And free shipping comes with only a $10 minimum order. Check it out.

We can both get a discount by using this link.

Note: They've been pretty accurate in their descriptions of condition. I've come to mostly buy "like new" or "very good" or "good" condition books as "acceptable" isn't as consistent.

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