lilacs and patterns

9:50:00 AM


Hey everybody! Gearing up for the launch of some little girl costume patterns! I've sold these before, but I've been refining them. Hopefully making a very smooth sew-along experience for you!

I'm selling them in printed form instead of PDF because, let's be honest. It's not very motivating to print and match pieces of paper together and then have to cut the fabric out.

I will also be selling kits! They will have my recommended materials to make for a durable princess dress that can be worn all the time without looking raggedy. I'm excited for what is in the works!

I picked and arranged some lilacs yesterday. I followed the suggestions in the Cut Flower Garden book and they seem to be working out very well! Lilacs are the very best smelling flower in my opinion. The delicious aroma is filling the house and it makes me happy!

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