Harry Potter Birthday Party

1:02:00 PM

Little Miss Rose turned 9 this year and she happens to be obsessed with Harry Potter. Not an exaggeration: obsessed! We threw her a low key birthday party and it was fun to have a theme. Here are a few of the things we did. There are so many good resources out there!

We played pin the scar on Harry Potter. I used the Harry Potter design from the bookmarks (link below) to make this guy. He's just made from cardstock.

I am no cake guru, so simple is all I can handle. It's a plus if the cake turns out too! Ever since I went gluten free, my cake baking skills have declined, haha. Here is our simple golden snitch with paper wings.

This is Rosie's display of every Harry Potter thing she could get her hands on: books, pages from a notebook, handmade wand. She got lucky and with the presents added, this display would be double now, haha!

The invitation was fun to design. We tried to make it look similar to a Hogwarts invitation.  You can download the font HarryP to make your own!

Here are some other tools we used that I didn't get a picture of:

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt from morethanthursdays.com

Harry Potter Bookmarks from notquitesusie.com
Harry Potter Fortune Teller from getawaytoday.com
Dementor Chocolate Wrappers from piecesbypolly.com

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